Thursday, September 04, 2014

Unable to print or view the print preview of a webpage in Internet Explorer

The problem prints a blank page with a footer  displaying the following line: “file:///C:/Users/userprofile/AppData/Local/Temp/Low/randomfilename.htm”.

You maybe missing the "Low" folder.  Verify that is is there, if not re-create it.

1. Close all open IE windows.
2. Click on Start and then type in %temp% in the search box and click on the Temp folder in the list.
ie print preview blank
3. Now create a new folder called Low.
ie not printing anything
4. Once you’ve created the Low folder, close Explorer, re-start IE and try to print the web page again.

Alternatively you can use Microsoft's Fix it
Fix this problemFix this problem
Microsoft Fix it 50676


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