Monday, February 03, 2014

Steps to updating Sonicwall firmware

Connect the computer to the x0 interface.

1- Get a paper clip and push and hold for 15 seconds on the reset button *wait till the wrench light starts to flash.

2- Go to your local nic settings in your computer (start>run>ncpa.cpl) IP (anything except for 168) Subnet mask is Default gateway will be

3- The wait about a minute and then open a browser and go to Go into the Sonicwall boot options and choose firmware (?) with factory defaults.

4- Once it restarts, go to the Sonicwall and log in Default username is admin Password is password.

5- Go to system>settings import settings.

6- Then remove the static ip from your computer and set it to dynamic if that is its original configuration

7- Register your firewall with your account.

Recommended Sonicwall Global VPN Client

As of 2/3/2014

For Windows 7:

For Windows 8:

They can be downloaded here

Saturday, February 01, 2014

How to monitor Sonicwall for FTP traffic

On Sonicwall, navigate to System->Packet Monitor
Click Clear
Click Configure
On the Monitor Filter tab
    Ether Types: IP
    IP Types: UDP, TCP, ICMP
    Destination IP Address: (public IP of FTP server)
    Check "Enable Bidirectional Address and Port Matching
On Advanced Filter tab
    Check all boxes
Click OK

Click Start Capture
Click Stop Catpure when done captureing