Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Exchange 2010 This mailbox database contains one or more mailboxes, mailbox plans, archive mailboxes, or arbitration mailboxes

So, let’s say you have a new installation of Exchange Server and you want to move all mailboxes, including Arbitration, from the default database created during the installation to a new mailbox database. Here is how to do it…

First of all, if you just try to delete the default database you will get this message:


Stating that the database isn’t empty, even though it does look empty if you do a get-mailbox for the specific database:

get-mailbox -Database “Mailbox Database 1905367170″


There is a switch that you should use if you want to see all mailboxes, even the “hidden” Arbitration mailboxes:

get-mailbox -Database “Mailbox Database 1905367170″ –Arbitration

This gives us different result then the first get-mailbox command:


As you can se the database isn’t as empty as we first thought. To move these mailboxes to the new database you can easily pipe the result of the get-mailbox command and create new move requests for all Arbitration mailboxes:

get-mailbox -Database “Mailbox Database 1905367170″ -Arbitration | New-MoveRequest –TargetDatabase “MailboxDatabase1″


You can check the status of the move request by running:

Get-MoveRequest -SourceDatabase "Database Name".

Make sure that all move requests have a status of Completed.

Before you can actually remove the database you will have to remove the Move Requests. To do this MAKE SURE that the requests have completed then run the following: Get-MoveRequest -SourceDatabase "Database Name" | Remove-MoveRequest.

Note if you deleted the arbitration accounts from Active Directory rerun the Active Directory preparation from the Exchange 2010 media: /PrepareAD


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