Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Add Automatic Email Signatures and Disclaimers with Exchange 2010


Exchange Server 2010 has similar capabilities to Exchange Server 2007 when it comes to adding disclaimers to emails sent by end users.

However two improvements have been made in Exchange Server 2010 – the ability to use HTML to format the text, and the ability to insert Active Directory attributes into the text.

These new capabilities make it very easy to add a standardized email signature and disclaimer to all emails sent in the organization.

For this to work the desired Active Directory attributes need to be populated on the user account objects. Attributes that would commonly be used in email signatures include the person’s name, job title, phone number, and street address.

You can view and edit these attributes in the properties of the mailbox or user account.




When the user accounts are populated with the necessary attributes you can proceed with the creation of the Transport Rule that will add the signature and disclaimer.Open the Exchange Management Console and navigate to Organization Configuration/Hub Transport. Right-click and start a New Transport Rule.


Give the rule a meaningful name and description and click Next.


Choose the condition “From users that are inside or outside the organization” and make sure it is set to “Inside the organization“.


Choose the action “Append disclaimer text and fallback to action if unable to apply“.


Now click on the blue highlighted “disclaimer text” to configure the signature and disclaimer. You can use simple HTML tags to format the text, and wrap the Active Directory attribute name in %% tags to insert the attributes automatically.


For example, this is the text that I have used for this demonstration.

Complete the New Transport Rule wizard to finish creating the rule.


You can now test the new rule by sending an email to anyone inside or outside of the organization and seeing the signature and disclaimer text automatically inserted by the Exchange server.


Note…to prevent the signature to appear in reply or forwards do the following…

Under the Exceptions section when setting up the rule or editing it, check the “except when the Subject field contains specific words” checkbox and then add the entries “RE” and “FW” to the list.


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