Monday, November 21, 2011

Tips & Tricks: BlackBerry Enterprise Activation on a BIS Data Plan

With the onslaught of new devices and device changes, there’s sometimes a need to activate your device on a Blackberry Enterprise Server Express.  With new devices, BES IT policies, software upgrades, difficulties explaining to users how to download from appworld, software compatibility issues occur (as a good friend of mine recently mentioned in his article) and one looks like a star when they have an alternate method to do this.  The point of this article is one such method.

On many carriers, when your Blackberry Device is on a BIS plan, the Enterprise Activation menu item is removed as an available feature. This is generally done by the change or  removal to the service books on the device with it’s interaction with the carrier’s network.

Now for the fun stuff!

In order to get a BIS data plan Blackberry activated on a BES Express, when the menu item does not show on the device one needs to delete the device’s service books, reboot and activate.   I enjoy creating these Step-by-Step’s, so I’ve written this article accordingly.

Step 1: From the main screen of your device scroll up and select the connections bar, or scroll down in your icons to connections.

Step 2: Turn off your wireless by removing the check marks from Mobile Network and Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Escape to the main screen and type Service Books, or depending on the OS version, scroll down and click on Options.

Step 4: In options (or Options and Advanced), select the Service Book icon/menu list.

Step 5: Inside Service Books, highlight each one and either press the delete key, or as listed in the next screen shot, click the menu key and select delete. This needs to be done for each service book, with the exception of the Provisioning, which will not delete. When you see the above, select delete. Once completed, please reboot the blackberry.

Step 6: Once the blackberry is completed, go to the options menu for Enterprise Activation. Either use the search to find it, or options, advanced and enterprise activation, depending on your OS version.

Step 7: Once you have the Enterprise Activation selection, click on it.

Step 8: Inside Enterprise Activation, enter in your email address and password and click activate

(Side Step)  If this is a new to you device and you see the above message, please select yes, so that it can clear the device and start a fresh activation. If the device revives from reboot and the Enterprise activation option is no longer listed, please start the process again at Step 1.

Step 9: When you receive a prompt to enable the radio, please do so and be patient for the process to complete.


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