Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blackberry - Media is from an unsupported format when playing attachment from voice mail

On your Blackberry you receive a "media is from an unsupported format" message when trying to play a voice mail attachment that is a .wav file.  The attachment is sent from a voice mail of an IP phone system.

Follow the steps below to allow Blackberry to play .wav files. 

1.  First you will need to install Windows Media Player on the host server for BES.  For Server 2008, you need to install the "Desktop Experience" in server manager features to obtain WMP.
2.  Once WMP is installed, test playback of a sample .wav file and ensure you do not need a special codec installed.  If a codec is needed, you must install it to the server.  For VMware or servers using virtualization without a sound card you will get an error saying something about no sound device installed - which is OK.
3.  Next log into the Blackberry Administrator Service
4.  Under Servers and components, expand BlackBerry Solution Topology, Expand BlackBerry Domain, expand Component view, expand Attachment, expand Server, click on the instance.
5.  Scroll down to and click edit instance.
6.  Find WAV attachment and you will see "0" as the attachment size.  Change the value to "1024".  Click save.
7.  Click on restart instance or reboot the server.
8.  Test playback on the phones.  If playback still doesn't work, powercycle the device.


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