Tuesday, May 31, 2011

VPN client unable to connect or not able to RDP or map network drive

After much frustration I discovered the root of the problem for VPN client issues.  The user used to be able to connect using Cisco VPN Client but was reporting to me that he is sometimes disconnected.  Lately he is able to connect but unable to RDP or map network drives. 

The user is currently unable to get Sonicwall VPN client to connect with no logon presented.  Either the user’s network equipment or ISP was blocking UDP 500 and UDP 4500.  The ISP (Time Warner) stated they do not block ports. 

The user’s cable modem / router is an Ambit / Ubee u10c020. After logging onto the modem, navigate to Firewall->Content Filter and uncheck “Block Fragmented IP Packets”.  Note you may need to navigate to VPN->Enable and select “VPN Enable”.

Some other error messages have been:

There is no connection named x.x.x.x in the connection list

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