Sunday, May 08, 2011

Minimized Cisco VPN Client on Windows

The Cisco client sometimes behaves oddly and starts staying minimized and you cannot switch to the client to connect/disconnect or do anything. The moment it starts it stays minimized and you cannot switch to the client.

This seems to happen as it remembers its location on screen and tends to get some weird values when switching between Display settings. The solution is to close the client and then open the vpnclient.ini file in the Programs directory (for me its located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\VPN Client) and delete the rows that say WindowX and WindowY and restart the client or make windowX = 800 and windowY = 600.

Alternative solution:

Start VPN Client

  1. Start Task Manager
  2. Select VPN client from Applications tab, right click on it and click Maximize
  3. VPN client will be visible in maximized form
  4. Go to Options -> Preferences -> Save Windows Settings. Uncheck this.
  5. Go to Options -> Simple Mode.
  6. Go to Options -> Advanced Mode.
  7. Now restart VPN client.


lrb said...

Thank you very much. I couldn't figure out why the window wouldn't maximize. The first solution worked perfectly.

MrBird said...

This Solution worked perfect for me. As i have 300 VPN clients that MAY get this problem this was a god send. Thank you.

hariSh sHarma said...

Thanks buddy..that help me after researching 8 hr on internet. first of all i though some issue in cisco.. i re-installed it but problem ccontinued. but your solution saved my call to microsoft helpdesk.