Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Push not synching in Corporate Sync but manual sync does

Steps followed to fix Corporate Sync in Motorola Droid X (2.2) synching issue when you can manually sync but push sync is not automatically syncing.

Within your email account press Menu button
Select Email settings-> Email Delivery
Select Data push
Make sure "sync over WiFi only" is NOT selected

From the home screen
Menu button-> Settings-> Battery Manager
Select Performance Mode

From the home screen
Menu button-> Settings-> Wireless & networks
Check Airplane mode (green check when on)
Uncheck Airplane mode

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San Francisco Money Maven said...

Hi there, after I got the latest update from DROID X, my corporate email is still set to data push with fetch every 15 minutes but when I open Folder sync, all the folders say Manual and there's no way to change it.