Friday, September 17, 2010

How To Create VLAN in HP Procurve Switches

Follow the following steps

Cofig t

vlan 125
   name "VLAN125"
   untagged 1-12
  ip address
   tagged 25-26
vlan 100
   name "VLAN100"
untagged 13-24
  ip address
   tagged 25-26
ip routing

wri mem


tagged 25-26 is equivalent to trunking for Cisco Switches

untagged command make the required ports to be the part of vlan you want.
From the above example ports 1 - 12 are part of vlan 125 & port 13-24 are part of vlan 100.
and ports 25 & 25 are trunk ports can carry vlan information for vlan 25 & 100
make sure you configure ip routing to en bale intervlan routing

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