Thursday, October 11, 2007

iPhone demo

I am demoing an iPhone and wanted to share the pros and cons I have experienced. My suggestion is to hold off on getting an iPhone. The iPhone is a consumer phone and business user should avoid it. Within six months there will be plenty of phones that can do just as much as the iPhone like the AT&T Tilt, LG Voyager, or Blackberry 9xxx. Some are out now.


Aesthetically pleasing
Built apps like YouTube and Google Maps
Built in iTunes can use Wi-Fi
Some screens rotate when phone is rotated from portrait to landscape
8 GB HD.


Requires iTunes
Uses AT&T Edge network which is extremely slow
Only wireless synchs mail. Does not wirelessly synch calendar or contacts
Mail is synched every 15 minutes and not real time.
Does not have the ability to view MMS pictures.
Keys are very close on touch keyboard
No direct link to Exchange other than with MAPI – most IT departments will not turn this on for security reasons. Workaround is to use 3rd party solution like
No OMA ability.
No remote administration options for IT. IT departments need a way to wipe phones and to deploy group policies like passwords.
Cannot install other applications or games.
Safari browser only. No IE, Firefox, or Opera.
Non standard headset jack.
No ability to copy and paste.
No instant messenger. But with a funky keyboard IM would be difficult.
Mail should rotate to landscape mode and allow a wider touch keyboard.
Next generation should have a slider keyboard like the AT&T Tilt has.
No video recording capability.
Short battery life.
Phone gets warm.
Phone is a tad heavy.
8 GB HD.

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