Monday, July 10, 2006

Cell Phone Insurance

After someone I know had water damage to their Blackberry, I started to research what insurance I could get in case something happened to mine.

Cingular has insurance. When you sign up for the insurance, the $50 deductible is paid on your first phone bill and then you pay a $3.99 monthly premium. The insurance will cover loss, liquid and physical damage, SIM, and accessory.

Upon further review I discovered that Cingular has a big exclusion list and makes me question what phone will they insure? The following are some of the wireless devices do not qualify for coverage for Cingular:·
Handspring Treo 180Treo 270Treo 600Treo 650Visor
iPAQ 6320 6325 6510 6515
Motorola A388Accompli A009E1 ROKR E680 MPx220 SLVR L7 V190 V235
RIM 7280 7290 8700c 7100G
Cingular insurance is provided by lock\line

I have yet to find any other company that provides cell phone insurance. The only other option is to use your home owner’s / renter’s policy but usually purchasing a new phone is cheaper than the policy deductible.

In summery, be careful with your cell phone and get cell phone insurance if you can. If you don’t get insurance these are your options.
  1. Purchase a new replacement phone at full retail cost
  2. Upgrade phone at discount if eligible but then you are in a new contract
  3. Purchase a new phone with a new service provider but you loose your current phone number. Note, I do not advise this if you are still under contract.

If anyone knows a company that will provide cell phone insurance please let me know.

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